Firm Profile:

DSC has a proven history of service, programming and design as well as architectural innovation. The fact that over 90% of our clients are repeat customers is characteristic of our ability to consistently provide clients with excellent value and punctual responsive services.


DSC seeks to deliver quality design products and services that enable our clients to achieve their goals. Our nationwide experience, allows DSC to be particularly aware of the vast range of client objectives. We recognize their concerns and include a desire to understand the client’s specific requests in our services.


We listen intently to clients, assess the feasibility of their goals and navigate through their building programs or create one with them. In an effort to produce creative and thoughtful solutions to meet their unique program objectives, we will address site, budget and time constraint issues.


Every project is approached individually and is designed to serve the needs of each particular client. Our concern is always with the goal of achieving design excellence. The incorporation of architectural character elements that directly reflects our client’s traditions is routine in our work. The extent to which these elements occur is on a project specific basis. These features are important project conditions that ensure a continuation of our client’s history.